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GPRauto magnetic oil plugs 14x1.5 (honda,acura,mazda,mitsubishi,hyundai)

GPRauto Magnetic Oil Plugs 14x1.5

Fits Most- Honda, Acura, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Ford, Dodge, Kia

Racers and car builders alike have always known that an internal combustion engine has lots of moving parts which need to be lubricated to function properly. Part of proper lubrication is clean lubricant. Very fine particles of metal are constantly being shed from various engine components due to friction. These metal shavings can be extremely damaging to engine internal, especially bearing surfaces. These magnetic drain plugs are an exceptional benefit to your engine in that these loose shavings in the oil will eventually work its way past the drain plug where it will be 'grabbed' by the magnet and no longer will be circulating through the engine to cause unnecessary wear.

$9.99 15 available